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Effective January 1, 2019, MHEDS entered the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) system as an FQHC “Look Alike”. As part of the health center system, MHEDS’ patients will begin to see and experience a more comprehensive, targeted system of high quality primary care. As an FQHC Look Alike, MHEDS is required to provide certain services, either on site or through formal arrangements with other providers. As always, MHEDS will continue to offer general primary care. While it already enjoys a number of referral relationships, it must create formal agreements to ensure that no patient falls through the health care safety net. MHEDS does this, in part, by using a comprehensive quality of care monitoring system. Opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented wherever possible. One of the most important requirements MHEDS must fulfill to remain compliant in the FQHC system is to maintain a governing board of directors where at least 51% of the members are current patients. This way, we can make sure we address patient needs and implement their ideas of what to do to help individuals be as healthy as possible. Another important change is that MHEDS offers a discount for care based on income and family size. While most of our patients have Medicaid insurance, some are either uninsured or have large deductibles and co-payments. Our Sliding Fee Discount might help with that expense. Be sure to ask about it when you contact us. We offer it to everyone at each visit and will be glad to help you fill out the application.

Some of the other changes include more physicians and the addition of evening and weekend hours. Please visit our website for more details at

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates to services this summer!